Product Introduction
Magnesium-based Solid-state Hydrogen Storage Vehicle

Large effective hydrogen storage capacity

Transportation under normal pressure and temperature

High safety performance

Strong purification ability

Low transportation cost

Intelligent operation and dynamic tracking

Magnesium-based Solid-state Hydrogen Storage Portable Equipment
Hydrogen storage capacity per container

Easy to move

Smart layout

Capacity Expandable

Customization Available

Advantages of Magnesium-based Solid-State Hydrogen Storage
Performance Advantages
MgH₂ High density hydrogen Storage
Technical Advantages
Simple hydrogen absorption and desorption process
Resource Advantages
Rich resources
Environmental Advantages
Magnesium-based materials can be recycled
About Us
Shanghai H2store Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Shanghai Hyfun Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and the academician team from the School of Materials of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Jan., 2019, specializing in the R&D, manufacture and sales of magnesium-based solid-state hydrogen storage equipment, serving for hydrogen refueling stations, large-capacity and long-distance hydrogen storage and transportation, hydrogen production and storage from renewable energy , industrial by-product hydrogen purification, energy storage in distributed power station , factory hydrogen preparation etc.

The company’s testing base is located in Rugao, Jiangsu, with about 2,000 square meters. Based on the research results of the academician team on magnesium-based materials in the past 30 years, it deepens the study on the hydrogen absorption and release process of magnesium alloy materials in application scenarios, providing more abundant technical data support for the mass utilization of magnesium alloy materials in the low-pressure and solid-state hydrogen storage containers. A large-scale manufacturing plant is under construction.